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tv   Hannity  FOX News  June 21, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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it's not what you think. remember, the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. >> tonight in a hannity exclusive for the first time the parents of border patrol agent who was slain, brian terry, are here four. they know the deadly ramifications of the fast and furious program and like any parent would, they want those responsible for authorizing this reckless scheme to be brought to justice. but time after time they have been met with nothing but obstruction from the white house and since they have not received answers from president obama or the attorney general, eric holder, today they are launching the brian terry foundation to honor their fallen son and to bring public awareness to this deadly and flawed program. joining me now in a hannity
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exclusive or the parents of workedder patrol agent brian terry. josephine and ken terry. thank you both for being here. i know this has to be very hard on both of you. here your son is out protecting our borders and our country and he iuress his life. i know i speak for a lot of americans, and you are both in our hearts and in our thoughts and in our prayers, thank you both for being here. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> let me start, ken, let me ask you, when you heard that the government provided the weaponry to the cartels and criminals and drug dealers, the very guns that were used to kill your son, what was your reaction? >> i was very furious. i was very upset. >> i didn't believe it. i thought it wasn't real.
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>> it is almost too much to believe, isn't it? go ahead. >> like it's a bad dream. like i'm going to wake up. >> it's like they weren't telling us something that we wanted to hear. it was a fog. >> you have been watching what has been going on, you watch congressional hearings. let me remind our audience and remind you congressman darrell issa questioning eric holder on the loss of your son. let me play this for you. >> who exactly was involved? what level of knowledge was, who should be held accountable if, in fact, there were mistakes that were made. that's what the inspector general will be looking at. >> what am i going to tell agent terry's mother about how he died at the hand of a gun that was videotaped as it was sold to a straw purchaser, fully expecting it to end up in the hands of drug cartels? >> one will have to see exactly what happened with regard to the
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guns that are at issue there. >> i certainly regret what happened to agent brian terry. i can only imagine the pain that his family has had to deal with, in particular his mother. i'm the father of three children myself. we are not programmed to bury our kids. >> mr. terry, your reaction to that? >> i don't think my son should have went before me, you know. it's very hard. >> josephine? >> to me i was just flabbergasted because i think that all of this was useless. it should have never happened. >> what do you think -- i understand there was a moment when the attorney general was confronted on whether or not he had contacted you, both of you, about the less of your son, guns provided by our government, and before you even got the apology,
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i understand it, it was leaked to the press. he was kind of embarrassed in that congressional hearing because nobody, as i understood it, up to that point had contacted you? is that true. >> that's true. >> it's true. >> so how did you find out about the attorney general finally apologized after congress kind of embarrassed them into it? >> a letter. >> a letter. >> after it was made public in the media. >> has president obama ever reached out to you? >> no. >> at the funeral he called us. >> he did call? >> at the funeral home. at the funeral home. >> you couldn't understand what he was saying. i couldn't, anyway. >> no, we couldn't. and we didn't know anything about the gun running fast and furious or nothing about that at that time. >> all right. so the president, we watched this go on now for over 18 months, and the president then decides to invoke executive privilege at the 11th hour on the eve of the attorney general being held in contempt.
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i have no doubt the white house is watching both of you tonight. what would you like to say to the president and the attorney general of the united states? >> i probably couldn't say it on camera what i would like to say to him. i say get the heads out anyway. >> i think if he did this, then i think there's something -- there's something that they don't want us to know and there's something to hide. >> i think they are hiding something. i think they are lying and they are hiding it. i think they are lying, oh, yeah, big time. big time. passing the buck. >> in other words, that you believe -- go ahead. >> go ahead. what were you going to say? >> you said they were lying and hiding something. i didn't want to interrupt you. >> yeah. that's how i feel.
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i got a gut feeling on that." i just know that they are hiding something big. something happened out there and worse than what we know. my son wasn't even supposed to be out there that night. >> yeah. let me just play for you something. and i don't know what to make of it except the president was asked about this. we know eric holder knew about it much earlier than he first testified before congress. so he wasn't truthful. i mean, at some point he had to admit to this seven months later but i want to play you the president. president obama, and when he said neither he nor holder knew anything about this program and get your reaction to this tape. >> complained that they were not informed about the fast and furious operation. did you authorize this operation and was president calderon properly known about it. >> first of all i did not authorize it. eric holder, he did not authorize it.
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he is assigned an ig and inspector general to find out exactly what happened here. >> who did authorize it? >> we don't have all the facts. that's why the i. g. is in business, to collect the facts. >> the president of the united states said he didn't authorize it and he said the attorney general didn't authorize it. i would imagine as parents of a lost son that you want to know who, then, in fact selling guns to kidnappers, drug dealers and drug cartels, weapons that ultimately were used to kill your son, another agent and involved in other crimes? >> well, you know, eric holder has been before congress so many times, and the first couple times you can tell there's something being hid and there's something not being said and after a while when you feel like throwing the tv through the front window because you get tired of hearing the constantly lies that you know they are doing.
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>> jay carney today actually said that darryl ice saw and the republicans, that this is a fishing expedition, this is to score political points in an election year. what do you make of the fact that they are trying to turn this around? because we have -- these guns have ended up in a lot of crime scenes. your son is lost. and they are saying this is a fishing expedition. do you have any message to the white house on that? >> well, and themselves, search their souls, and why don't they ask the people in mexico that are burdened with those same guns that killed my son. >> and i think that they are bringing all this up because they want to put fast and furious on a back burner until the election is over. >> i do too. i agree. >> i think it's interrupting. >> god forbid if this is any parent, they have a right to know.
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how did our government provide the weapons to no one criminals and killers that end up killing heroes like your son? this is not politics. this is human -- basic human decency in my mind. i know this is very difficult for you, both of you. i am glad that you are outspoken. i do believe that we have a right to accountability from our public servants, and i know i speak for many americans and express our deep sympathy and sorrow over the loss of your son. he was a true great american hero. thank you both for being with us. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> and coming up in a stunning moment of arrogance that was all caught on tape, the white house said it has turned over all and any documents related to fast and furious. really? we will debate the merits of that particular claim. and be sure to watch hannity tomorrow night. i will sit down with the moon is now at the center of the vice
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presidential rumors, marco rubio and his wife. an exclusive tomorrow night. hannity, 9:00 eastern right here on fox. ♪
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intown we saw the down right arrogance of this administration. at this afternoon's press briefing. jay carney announced as far as the white house is concerned any and all documents related to fast and furious and the scandal have already been turned over. let's cue this insanity. >> every document related to the fast and furious operation has long since been provided to congressional investigators. when it comes to the operation itself, everybody has been provided to congressional investigators. we have provided congress every document that pertains to the operation itself. >> and what i did say every page related to the fast and furious operation. >> all right. am i missing something here? because if that's true that every document has been turned over then why did the president have to invoke executive privilege? listen closely to carney's threading the needle and parsed answer. >> the issue here is about after the fact internal documents that have to do with the executive
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branch's ability to operate appropriately and independently in response to congressional investigations and media inquiries. >> so in other words, the documents that are being be held may detail exactly how staffers attempt today cover-up the mess over the course of the last year. and joining me from washington to debate this, fox news contributor liz cheney, and fox news contributor juan williams. is that the point? directly related to the operation. bill clinton couldn't do a better job, juan. after the facts is what we want to know. these parents that we just had on, this elderly couple, juan, they have a right to know why their government handed over guns to drug dealers, kidnappers and murders and their son was murdered. this is not a political extravaganza for 2012. this is about life and death. explain to me why they can't be forthcoming for these parents. >> they have been forthcoming -- >> no, they haven't, juan. >> they just told you they gave
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them more than 7,000 documents. the attorney general has testified more than eight times. >> then why invoke privilege? >> he just explained it to you. you describe him as a propagandaist and threading the need you will but what jay carney said to you was very clear. all the documents they are protecting have to do with the communications about how to handle the political fallout. if this is about seeking truth the truth is on the table >> the truth is not on the table. >> and wait. >> wait, the president is on record, and he is saying he didn't know. he didn't make the decision. >> that's true. >> the attorney i don't know is on record, liz, saying he didn't know. he didn't make it. and, of course, he's had it backtrack numerous times because he was caught in lies that he made before congress. don't you think these parents have a right to any? >> absolutely, sean. and i think what jay carney is doing, i hope he watches himself. i hope he gets on and watches what he did today because i think it was shameful. what happens here, the truth is not on the table. what happened here the
6:17 pm
department of justice, the attorney general himself made false statements to congress. that's not in dispute. he made false statements to congress, delivered false information to congress in his february letter and his own testimony. now they say hey, listen we gave you false information but we aren't going to tell you anything else. we aren't going to tell you the truth. we aren't going to tell you why we gave you false information. we around going to tell i how we decide the information was false and tell you afterwards. they are going to great lengths to avoid giving congress information it has a right to know. brian tray is dead and he's dead because of this program. attorney general of the united states gave false information to congress and now the white house has said sorry, no more. that is in my view completely unprecedented in terms of trying to use -- >> let me response to that -- >> in terms of using executive privilege hear to tell the congress you don't have a right to the truth. sorry. we told you stuff that was wrong and it is, by the way, a crime
6:18 pm
to knowingly provide false information to congress. >> tell roger clemens that. >> they are saying now, look, sorry, we're done. >> liz, hears the facts. the letter that you are referring to that contains false information was based on what the atf agent in charge told the justice department about the operation. they communicated that to the congress. when they found out that the atf agent had given them wrong information, they corrected it. >> eight months later. >> and they said why don't you call the atf agent to the congressional investigation and have him of it. darryl issa has refused. if this was about seeking truth he would have called him and say why did you give false information to the justice department. >> liz, go ahead. >> juan, they have requested over 70,000 documents, and the administration will turn over not a a single page of documents after the date of that falseler in february, 201. you also had the attorney general himself, by the way, in may of 2011 in testimony
6:19 pm
personally in front of congresswoman giffords false information about when he learned about the program. and the other thing that jay carney did today was claim numerous times that eric holder stopped this program. the program ended in december of 2010. eric holder told congress he didn't even any about the program until a few weeks before his appearance in may, 2011. >> and he knew ten months earlier. >> there's a big problem here. now, if he knew -- >> you guys misstate -- >> if he knew, he was able to stop the program, how is it he forgot everything he knew when he appeared before congress in may of 2011. >> you guys are mistaking the idea that a letter, a memo, an e-mail was sent to him. >> multiple e-mails, numerous ones. >> and it's not clear he read them. >> how did he stop a program he didn't know about it. >> hang on, liz. i gave you your shot. he did stop this program, and the program was began as operation wide receiver. you know that guns were walked under the bush administration in two different operations. >> oh, stop it, i can't take it
6:20 pm
>> you know all this is a reality because we were trying to stop guns from crossing the boarder and going to the drug cartels and. >> gave the guns to the cartel. they gave did to the kidnappers, the murderers and the drug dealers. >> and part of the effort to trace the guns. >> brilliant idea. and they could have put gps in the guns if they were really -- all right. i got to go. >> sean, this is a. >> agot to go. thisthis. >> this is a good-hearted, good intentioned program. >> we have to go. >> the best of intentions. >> now it's a truly political witch-hunt. >> i wish they cared as much about keeping classified information secret as they do about keeping information secret about why they gave false information to congress. >> what a great line. >> that is a great way for the republican party to get involved. >> it's disgraceful the trays don't know what happened to their son. >> they do, everybody knows. >> we've got to go. unbelievable. coming up, exactly who or what is the president trying to protect by asserting this
6:21 pm
executive privilege? when we come back we will explain now the list of possible suspects keeps shrinking as we get to the bottom of this right here tonight on "hannity." [ morgan ] lopez lomong started running when he was six
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>> i'm going to resist the
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temptation to the contrast. but i would just note the juxtaposition is shark. if he was not part of the february 4th letter, if he did not know about fast and furious before brian terry was murdered, if he did not approve of the wiretap accusations, then what is he asserting executive privilege for? he's either part of it or he's not. >> did the president or those in his immediate circle know about the fast and furious. earlier jay carney was asked who or what was being protected inside the executive branch and his response raised more questions than answers. listen to this, one exchange with jay tapper from abc news. >> the documents, they are blocked through executive privilege. are any of them to or from individuals in the white house or are they all internal items? >> i don't have a way to characterize the documents in
6:26 pm
question here. i can tell you that long ago the administration provided documentation about specific questions regarding officials at the white house and the national security staff. that was a long time ago. and which speaks to -- it was last fall. speaks to how long this political investigation has been ongoing. >> all right. society white house said it has nothing to do with the e-mails regarding national security council staffers but we already knew that. so what we don't know is who was left that the president is so desperately now trying to shield from this investigation. with the nfc off the hook, the list of possibilities keeps getting smaller and smaller. joining me now with reaction is a good friend, fox news reporter angela mcgowan. good to see you. this is fascinating to me. this ticks me off, especially after talking to brian terry's parents, this is partisan, this is an election year.
6:27 pm
we have two dead agents here and we don't have answers and they aren't being forthcoming and now they have clammed up. >> as brian terry's father said, they want to pass the buck and his mother said they want to wait until after the election. and for the president to claim executive privilege now? that's a red flag. >> eric, who was he protecting? >> sean, i love it for you to bring it up. i think this is a smoking gun. that interview with the terry parents, in the middle of did you went to president obama talking to jorge ramos from univision, and in it president obama says i didn't know about it, eric holder didn't know about it. well, on february 4, 2011, the o. j. denied any knowledge of it. the interview happened on march 22nd of the same year and guess what happened. there it is. december 2nd ever the same year the d. o. j. retracts their prior letter, basically saying
6:28 pm
we did know. we had knowledge of it. so now what happens? you have the d. o. j. knowing, probably all the way up to the white house knowing and you have president obama on tv saying we know nothing. they have to cover that ramos interview. they have to figure out how to do it. >> holder said he only learned about it a couple of months prior and seven months later he had to retract that testimony, which was false, and then he said oh, i did know about it earlier, because he had been caught. >> in a lie basically. >> well, roger clemens was just tried on the same thing. >> exactly, for trying to congress. and to say this is a republican political year, which is political tactics and they are wasting tax dollars? >> tell that to brian terry's parents. >> exactly. they are the ones who is playing game and nobody is above the law. nobody is above the law. >> what it comes down to, if the president made that claim, and we can put it back up on the screen as a timeline as a smoking gun, then what did the president know and and what when
6:29 pm
did he know it? what did holder know and when. >> the press conference hands the podium over to janet, and turned it over to the president, who implicated eric holder and said basically -- here's what he said. he said we knew about gun running. now gun running is aatf program that oversaw fast and tourious. if they knew about gun running, they had to know about fast and furious. >> we know that the atf told them not to do this. we already know that. here's my take on this. for the president to precipitate a constitutional crisis like this, there had to be a political calculation. whatever it is that they are using privilege for here was worse than precipitating a crisis. >> john, basically this is a coverup. and brian terry's mother was right about saying they want to wait and pass the buck until after the election because this could be the smoking gun that would cause obama to lose the
6:30 pm
election. >> does he think it goes away after the election if the president lied or there's some buried information? >> they have now admitted there was a problem. it was a botched program that resulted in the death of brian terry and likely zupata. we get that. but the coverup, that doesn't play well with voters. they have to somehow make people forget that all of them said we didn't know anything. >> that's my point. >> but that we don't have to vote, i hope that the house does not have to vote to hold older in contempt and they can come up with a deal where they will be forthcoming and give the documents. >> i think you are dreaming. i think there's something there because for them to go back to this crisis here, what is very frustrating in all of this i think for everybody involved is that the president said he would be the most transparent president ever. >> and accountable. >> and accountablity. >> he criticized president bush. >> here is how transparent he is. here's one of the thousands of documents they said they turned
6:31 pm
over. you so it on top and everything else is redact the thanks is beyond insult, by the way. >> the parents, the parents you had on a couple moments ago how would they feel if they saw this is what they are turning over. >> this is the double standard of this administration e said he would be transparent that's correct he would hold accountability and responsibility but look. >> and he was so critical of the use of executive privilege of president obama. >> that's what he's doing right now. >> i don't want to jump to conclusions but to decide it create this crisis, there's got to be something that is so damaging they don't want it to come out. >> i think eric is right, there is a smoke gun but i'm still hopeful and i might be dreaming we don't have to have a vote in congress bus because what liberals will say they are going after the first black attorney general. >> good, grief. >> and it's a racial issue and they are trying to play politics. >> every one of the american people, how does our government give guns to no one drug
6:32 pm
dealers, kidnappers and killers and not track them? this isn't even ill-conceived, this is downright stupid. >> downright stupid and someone died. we have to someday on this. you hear people on the left all the time, i have a friend on the other joe that says there's knock to see here. jay carney said we should be focusing on jobs. when in the last three years have we heard someone from the administration say jobs? >> thank you for being with us. you are doing great. >> thank you so much, sean. >> and coming un, a democratic member is outraged and now he wants hearings on radical christianity. we have a heated debates over that suggestion coming up next. sarah... will you marry me?
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american panel, mo elleithee is back. and jedediah bila is here and rep louie gohmart is here. you know something about fast and furious. how big a problem? >> a huge problem. it's a problem for america, are to goodness sake. and you have the attorney general of our country, the highest justice official saying in our hearing judiciary, he said there are political dimensions to justice. no, there's not. if it's justice, it's blind. but there are to him. so what we are finding out is that in his justice department there are political dimensions and, in fact, they have had to back off of their testimony before the senate this morning. >> twice. >> and to the other. but they said with regard to the comments of senator cornen, and it wasn't holder, it was his assistant, he said he inadvertently said it. but guess what, sean, he said is
6:38 pm
five days before that to me. how do you say something inadvertently on two different occasions five days apart? >> here's my theory. i will let you guys weigh in on this. i think we have a situation for the president to precipitate a constitutional crisis that now i'm going to go through, that they decided politically that it was so damaging what they don't want to turn over that it was worth doing this to help get them through the election. right or wrong? >> if they have nothing to hide, then why aren't they handing over the documents and proving, hey, we have nothing to high. this is a guy who road in on transparency. show us the transparency. and this nonsense of executive privilege, a lot of people are saying he doesn't have the right to invoke executive privilege in this instance. we need to know what is in the documents. >> that's why carney saying it's political just doesn't fly. we have two dead border agents and have the guns showing up on
6:39 pm
crime scenes all over the place and our government provided those guns. i think those parents have a right to a full, complete explanation. do you think this damages the president? >> no, i don't think it. >> you don't think it hurts him politically. >> i don't think it hurts the president politically because the attorney general has been -- >> don't tell me they have been transparent. i'm going to get mad. >> when don't you get mad at me, sean? >> he has been cooperating. >> he hasn't. >> he's handed over near 8,000 documents and with all due respect to the congressman here, there's a certain degree of grandstanding going on. >> there were duplicates, a the love the same documents. >> let me finish. let me finish. >> also blank pages, blank pages, white pages. >> the congressman himself referred to the attorney general having to backtrack on a statement. he didn't have to backtrack on a statement. he was referring to his predecessor, the bush administration's attorney general before that. >> no, no, no. >> i talked to attorney general
6:40 pm
mccasey today, and it is a lie. and it never should have been said and that's why they had to back off the comment. >> not the first time it's happened. >> he admitted to misleading congress. he did not tell them the truth in terms of what he knew and when he knew it. and a seven, eight-month period went by where he never corrected the record but the documents prove that he didn't tell the truth, brian terry is dead. people have a right to know what happened and when it happened. they are criminalizing people for wanting facts about something. it's not okay. they need to release the pertinent document and be honest about what happened. >> tell the truth, tell it early, tell it all. >> that's good. >> i think mo was right two or three days ago. dick morris was saying, gee, the president is insulated from this and i think he was. but as soon as he invoked executive privilege. >> he brought himself front and center. >> -- it's possible executive privilege does lie here if he is involved. and i don't know if you have
6:41 pm
seen the march, 2009 press conference. >> hold that for a second. we have to take a break. we need to check in with greta. greta is supposed to come in and catch the football tonight. >> waited for you to ask me. nobody asked. >> i just asked you. >> i know you did, but did finley or the executive producer or my executive rouser say it was okay? we only take marching orders here. >> i'll throw is it right at the camera. >> letter. we have a member ever the committee on fast and furious here. and moody's has just downgraded five major u.s. bank that will have a huge impact on the number of americans and their money and their futures and causing all sorts of concern in a very volatile financial environment. that and much more back to you. >> catch. nor of our great american panel straight ahead.
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>> we continue with our great, great american panel. congressmandy not mean to interrupt you. >> with regard to executive privilege, regardless of whether or not the u.s. attorney pursues it, we will be going to court in a civil proceeding. >> a civil suit. >> to go after the documents. they will have to produce a log. i've been through logs like that. >> privileged logs. >> the judge in camera reviews the papers to see if the privilege lies. >> to get them past the election s that their goal? >> it may. but i'm telling you from what we heard it may not be the executive privilege that applies here, it may be the fifth amendment privilege. we will have to see. >> you think there's a good chance this goes criminal? >> you are not supposed to lie to congress. at least that's what the justice department said about roger clemens. >> you know, that is a fair point, mo. roger clemens just had a trial and the charge was perjury, lying to congress. and we know that the attorney
6:47 pm
general did not tell the truth to congress. >> and darryl issa was asked to testify, and he invoked special privilege. >> but i'm talking about the attorney general. >> but this is, you know, people are -- people watching are entitled to invoking privilege. this is the first time president obama has done it. his predecessors, both of his predecessors, a democrat and a republican did it a lot more. >> he's not president anymore. >> and president clinton. >> it's funny, too, he's trying to say that the economy, you know, we want to talk about the economy. you are a distraction. and i keep thinking obama, you really want to talk about the economy because that's not a strong point for you either? seems like no matter what direction he goes in. the fast and furious, the massive spending, the debt, solyndra, there's no win for this guy right now and i think he knows it. >> mo and i were talking before we went on the air. i think the president, the one thing he's held on to that he's losing, wanting dirty air and
6:48 pm
water and not caring about kids with down syndrome, he's losing his like ability. this is not hopeful, up beat, not red america, blue america, but he's losing. >> and this is the guy that was supposed to make the whole world love us and that hasn't happened either. it's gone down. >> it's embarrassing. >> i know. >> i sit through a lot of focus groups and a lot of different place was some pretty tough in some pretty tough rooms for democrats and one thing the president has is his like ability. who doesn't have like ability is congress. >> one thing he also has -- >> but one thing he does have and he will have a lot more of after the election is flexibility. >> that's true. >> all right, guys. it will be interesting. all right. thank you both, all three of you for being with us. when we come back i hop on the romney bus and get a look at life on the campaign trailed. we will be joined by ann and
6:49 pm
governor mitt romney next. you ? there it is ! there it is ! where ? where ? it's getti away ! where is it ? it's gone. we'll find it. any day can be an adventure. that's whye got a subaru. love wherer the road takes you. wow, there it is
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>> gov. mitt romney and his wife, ann, are continuing on their multi-state bus tour. earlier this week i was going to hop on board the bus in michigan as they travel between campaign stops. here is part 2 of my exclusive
6:53 pm
sit-down. >> i saw big crowds in michigan. 140 days to go. how are you guys feeling? >> feels great. it's fun being out on the trail. it's warm. big crowds. a lot of enthusiasm. there's a growing seasons we are going to win this thing so it feels pretty darn good. >> you were just quoted as saying that michigan is in play. let's go through some of the states. michigan, obviously wisconsin. it's a different ballgame now because of scott walker? >> oh, sure. scott has been an effective governor there. they have seen the effects of some of his policies, the budget, keeping taxes down. people have seen their tax rates go down and all this comes together to say wisconsin folks are interested in that kind of leadership. i think wisconsin is in play and we can win wisconsin. >> pennsylvania? >> pennsylvania, as well. i was delighted with the crowds there. in fact, i think the president's energy policies have surprised a lot of people who traditionally vote at that time and they say, look, this president just
6:54 pm
doesn't get how important energy is not only to the energy sector but to the manufacturing sector in this country. people in pennsylvania are saying, you know, regardless of whether republican or democrat, we need who understands jocks. >> you were telling me before we got on the bus with you, and thank you for inviting us on the bus, that you had never seen him so energized. because you were watching him do the rope line and he stays out there longer than he's supposed to and shaking hands. >> you get so much energy from the people that you meet. there's clearly a defining line in the sand. this election is probably the most important election for a long, long time. and it's going to make a huge change in where america is headed. i think his speeches make that very clear that this is the moment, this is absolutely the moment that everyone has to get engaged and we've got to make a right choice here. >> i love reading the book
6:55 pm
"outliers, tipping point." is this a tipping point in the american election? it's a choice election but is it a tipping point for the country? >> i think we are on the road to greece or to spain or italy or to california. we are on a road that says, look, we can have a setting where we spend more and more as a government, and they borrow more and government becomes more and more intrusive in our lives and we change the character of america and we become more like europe, and we know where that leads. that leads to high unemployment, very low wage growth, potential fiscal calamity, or we are going to return to opportunity and freedom and giving people in this country the chance to realize their dreams, killing the debt that's crushing business today and the next generation. that's the kind of choice we have. so whether it's a tipping point or a fork in the road, i'm not sure which metaphor you want to
6:56 pm
use. >> i feel that now. i think everyone there feels the same thing. we are in that fork in the road moment and we want to keep america america. these people are really patriotic, they love america, they feel like we are going in the wrong direction and they sense that there is something wrong with washington and that we've got to turn it around. >> it's interesting, i didn't know this one story where it was on super tuesday, most people know, and we talked about how you troubled with ms for over ten years now. and it flared up on super tuesday. you didn't tell him. >> i know what he would have told me. just prior, it was like a few days before. i knew he would say okay, you are off the trail, you are home, you are done, and i knew that was not an option. >> wasn't an option for you? >> wasn't an option. >> i'm not happy with her. i'm not happy. no secrets. no secrets. she's right, i would have told her we have to stop. she has people to give her the
6:57 pm
healthcare treatment to keep her healthy and i would say get off the trail and go see your docks. >> this might be presidential candidates fighting on air. if you want to keep going -- >> no, i love her and trust her but when it comes to her health, that's got to come first. >> how important is it, you are on the bus, and with your family, how important is it that ann is here with you and your kids are out there on the trail for you, they are surrogates for you on the campaign. >> it makes all the difference in the world for me to have ann with me, to spend the day together, to both speak together at the events and shake hands together and be on the bus and chat about the event and then at night to just sort of relax and decompress together. it allows me to keep going. if if i'm away from ann for very need the ann stabilizer to keep me on track. >> is that true? >> yeah, i'm a calling influence in his life, which is nice, and obviously i think together we bring a balance for each other.
6:58 pm
it's a nice relationship we have, a good partnership that we enjoy. >> you seem very comfortable on speaking on the podium and out on the campaign trail and shaking hands. is this a role -- as somebody who has never worked a day in her life -- >> i actually love it. i have to tell you, i love it. you saw the crowds out there. you saw the people. they are fantastic. and they have so much hope riding on this. what it does for me, it's humbling. very, very humbling. it is like this awesome responsibility is sinking on top of us. so many people are counting on us to carry the day for them. i feel it and it's a humbling experience. >> what do people say more than anything else to you? >> save the country. >> really, those words? >> you've got to save the country. it's now or never. and, you know, then they will -- if you spend a little bit more time with them and often we don't have a lot of time, but in
6:59 pm
smaller groups where we do, people then express their specific concerns and it's always about the economy. it's always about jobs. it's always about deficit spending, it's about leaving their children with debt. that's all people talk about. but there's one other thing they talk about which is so, so sweet. there is not a day that goes by and there's hardly not a person i speak to that says i'm praying for you. they are a faithful country, they believe in god, they believe in the power of prayer and i believe that that is a very sustaining power and i think why mitt and i are doing so well. >> touching. >> very touching. i know they are saying it tomas of my health and they are saying it to mitt because they want god's hand and god in this country. >> check out for an exclusive unaired portion of my interview with mitt and ann romney. that's all the


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